What all users should know


It's very important to know universal rules about glasses eye protection's properties, whatever treatment about anti fog ( anti fog product - fan - thermal screen et etc ) and whatever hobbies.

The physical and wheather conditions on someone could be important to sweat and fogging up on your glasses eye protection.

" Sweat = Fog "

Universal rules about glasses :

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Universal rules about physical conditions about people, weather conditions and consequences on Glass/Miror/lens/screen :

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Another natural and meteorological phenomenon :

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Your head port setting can be critical :

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Conclusion :

Have clean glasses eye protection for using. Be physically and mentally rest. Have a clean digestion and finally find the good setting for your head to let it correctly breath.

With all these information, you will give you the best chance to delay fog the longest is possible. Fog will come sooner or later according to the respect of these rules, but it will come anyway. 

We just try to fight and push back fog as long as possible. GLASSES EYE PROTECTION IS NOT 100 % ANTI-FOG. THE GOAL IS TO GET CLOSER !!!